Merry Christmas In Spanish | Christmas Greetings in Spanish “Feliz Navidad”

🎅 Merry Christmas In Spanish 2021 – This Article Is For Those People Who Ask How To Say Christmas In Spanish Language? Or How To Say Feliz Navidad In English? What Are The Most Commonly Spoken Words & Sentences On Christmas In Spanish Culture ? You Are Going To Get The Answer Of All These Things.

New Year Or Christmas 🎅 🦌Is About To Come. People Consider Happiness In Both The Festivals. Both These Festivals Are Also. Celebrated As Holidays. On Christmas Day, We Wish Our Friends, Relatives Or Other Friends A Merry Christmas 🎅🦌. There Are Many Dialects Spoken. All Over The World. Because Of Which We Have To Wish Christmas In Different Languages.

Today We Will Talk About One Such Language Spanish. In This Article We Will Tell You How To Say Merry Christmas In Spanish 🎅🦌. We Will Also Tell You The Lyrics Of The Spanish Christmas Song, 🎅🦌 Happy Christmas In Spanish. So Let’s Start Today’s Article.

Merry Christmas In Spanish 2021

Merry Christmas In Spanish 2021 | How to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ in Spanish

This Is The Biggest Festival Celebrated At The End Of Every Year. There Is Also A Long Holiday To Celebrate Christmas. When We Wish Someone Christmas🦌, We Say Merry Christmas.  If We Have To Say The Same Thing In Spanish Then.  Let Us Tell. In Spanish We Would Say “Feliz Navdad” For Merry Christmas. New Year Comes Just A Few Days After Christmas. So For The New Year We’ll Use The Words Prospero Anno Novo In Spanish.

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There Are Many Wonderful Ways To Wish People Christmas. Similarly, There Are Different Ways To Wish Christmas In Spanish. Let Us Tell You Some Such Sentences –

  • Feliz Navidad
  • ¡Feliz Navidad y 🎅 Próspero 🦌 Año Nuevo!
  • Mis 🦌 mejores 🎅 deseos en esta Navidad
  • Felices fiestas
  • Te deseo 🎅 una feliz 🦌navidad 
  • ¡Que 🦌 pases una🎅 feliz navidad!

Navidad Spanish Word

Dear Visitors, Navidad Is Derived From The Latin Word For “Nativitas”. This Word Means From Birth. We Can Take The Meaning Of The Word “Nativitas” From The Birth Of Christ. There Are Many Other Languages ​​In The World That Associate The Word Christmas With Birth. In Such A Situation, We Cannot Keep The Spanish Language Separate.

Merry Christmas song Lyrics in Spanish – Feliz Navidad!

Below We Have Given The Lyrics Of The Spanish Christmas Song. By The Way, It Almost Means ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’. It Is Also Called Christmas Carol.

🕯Feliz 🎄Navidad,
☃️Feliz 🎅 Navidad
🦌Feliz 🎄 Navidad,
🎄Próspero 🎅Año y felicidad.

☃️Feliz Navidad,
Feliz 🎄Navidad,
🦌Feliz❄️ Navidad,
🎄Próspero 🎅 Año y felicidad.

Vocabulary Of “Merry Christmas” in Spanish

  • La 🎄Navidad,🎅 El día 🎄 de Navidad 
  • El ✨árbol de Navidad
  • Una postal ⛪ navideña 
  • El muñeco 🎅de nieve 
  • Papá ✨Noel 🎄
  • La nieve ❄️ 
  • El 🎆 villancico 
  • Reno🦌
  • Las 🎅 fiestas ⛪ navideñas
  • La ✨Nochebuena 
  • Chocolate 🦌caliente
  • El periodo ⛪ navideño
  • ❄️Las 🎄campanas
  • Saludos 🎅 navideños 
  • La tarjeta 🎆 de Navidad 
  • Decorar 🦌
  • La ✨ chimenea 🎄
  • Desear
  • ❄️Nieve
  • Un mensaje 🎅 ⛪ navideño
  • Campanas 🔔 de trineo
  • Las ⛪ canciones 🎅 navideñas

Merry Christmas in Spanish: Religious Vocabulary

  • ¡Que ⛪Dios 🎄te bendiga! 
  • Cascanueces
  • El ⛪ ángel 🎅
  • Familia
  • ⛪Bendiciones
  • Bastón de caramelo
  • Papá 🦌Noel
  • ¿A ⛪ qué hora 🎄es la misa? 
  • Agradable
  • El niño 🎄 Jesús 
  •  🦌Castañas
  • Vienticinco 🦌 de diciembre
  • Regalos 🦌
  • La 🎄 misa 
  • Travieso
  • La ⛪iglesia 

Decorations Vocabulary for Merry Christmas in Spanish

  • ​👪​📷​ Los adornos 
  • 🌟La estrella🎅 
  • ​🎆 Las luces 
  • 🪄La guirnalda
  • Muñeco de 🦌 nieve
  • Velas 🦌
  • 🕯Las velas 
  • Chimenea
  • ⛄El oropel🎅
  • 🦌Celebrar
  • ⛄El muérdago 
  • Hogar 🦌
  • 🎅El calcetín ⛄ navideño 


Guys, I gave my best in Spanish for Merry Christmas. Do you also know some such important Spanish Christmas words, sentences, then definitely tell us in the comment box below. I will be forever grateful to you. Dear I’m so sorry if there is a mistake in Christmas Spanish words or sentences. Visit Again.


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