Top Ugly Cartoon Characters

Top Ugly Cartoon Characters 2022 – You didn’t find anything strange seeing the title. Yes, today we will tell you about the 15 most ugly cartoons in the cartoon world. By the way, cartoons are very favorite of children. There are some cartoons in these cartoons which are very cute and adorable. There are some which are also very ugly. The world of cartoons has brought a lot of entertainment and comedy not only in the lives of children but also in the lives of adults.

Everyone likes to watch cartoons. Some have even kept their favorites according to their own. If you also have any cartoon favorite, then you must tell us in the comment box below. Whenever children come from school in our house, first of all they start watching cartoons by turning on the TV. Some of these cartoons look so dirty. Seeing which you may also vomit. So let’s discuss some such cartoons today.

Top Ugly Cartoon Characters
Top Ugly Cartoon Characters

Top 15 Ugly Cartoon Characters

In this article, we will give you information about a total of 15 cartoons. Which is very ugly in appearance. Who are these cartoons, you must be thinking that, let us tell you. We have given the names of these 15 ugly cartoons below – we will discuss these cartoons in detail one by one.

  1. Beavis and Butthead
  2. Rocky and Bullwinkle
  3. Dr. Two Brains
  4. Peppermint Patty
  5. Mr. Mackey
  6. Squidward tentacles
  7. Edna Mode
  8. Gargamel
  9. Sideshow Bob
  10. Mr. Crocker
  11. Olive Oyl
  12. Wile E. Coyote
  13. Ren & Stimpy
  14. Hebert the Pervert
  15. Toot Braunstein

Beavis and Butthead

As the names of these two suggests Beavis and Butthead. Both these names are ugly. As you feel the name, so are these two characters. One of them is named Beavis and the other is named Butthead. This is a series in which both are intelligent. There is a complete lack of social skills in both these carton characters. Their job is only to eat and see. Whenever they go to school, they become a cause of fracture for everyone. If you watch this cartoon series, then you are going to have a lot of fun.

Both these cartoons are ugly but at the same time dangerous. Mike Judge created this series. In this series, no respect, no love is shown by both the cartoons.

Rocky and Bullwinkle

This series is the oldest animated series of American animated TV. In this too, like Beavis and Butthead, two cartoons are shown fighting with each other. The names of both these cartoons are Rocky and Bullwinkle. The reason for fighting is the tile “Ugly Cartoon Characters” of this article. That means both of them are ugly.

Apart from “Rocky and Bullwinkle“, this cartoon is also known as Rocky and His Friends. It is considered to be the best animated series in the American TV world.

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Dr. Two Brains – Ugly Cartoon Characters

This cartoon is based on an ugly man. This man is totally made. A mad scientist in this cartoon. This mad scientist is also a criminal. Dr. Two Brains cartoon is a cheese pillager. The special thing about the cartoon is that it is crazy about cheese. Who can go to any extent to get cheese. That is, no one hesitates to commit a crime.

Best Dr. In the Two Brains cartoon it is this that what are the tricks it adopts to get cheese. You and your kids will also enjoy seeing this.

Peppermint Patty

We have included Peppermint Patty in Top Ugly Cartoon Characters. This character is fictional. Peppermint Patty is a girl in this cartoon series. This girl is very ugly. She never takes advice. Very stubborn.

This character is such that whenever she herself is in trouble, she transfers her trouble to others. Peppermint Patty is a selfish character. Its nose is very big. Because of which it looks strange.

Mr. Mackey

This character Mr. Mackey is too ugly. Mr. Mackey’s head is very strange. He cannot even speak his name properly. Even if he speaks, then in a southern accent. This is very ugly in appearance. But he is very intelligent. Maybe it’s because its head is too big. The age of this character is 40 years. If at middle age it is very famous among children.

Squidward tentacles – Ugly Cartoon Characters

This is the most badass cartoon character of our article “Ugly Cartoon Characters“. Its name is Squidward tentacles. It just keeps on pretending. This is a good neighbor. Is good with everyone or pretends to be good as you say. Squidward tentacles do not like noise at all. This is a Nickelodeon animated television series cartoon.

Edna Mode

Friends, you must have seen this cartoon character before. Let me remind myself. Have you seen The Incredible cartoon or movie. If seen, this is a fictional character. Whose name is Edna Mode. Edna Mode doesn’t like superheroes at all. She wears strange clothes.

Edna Mode always likes to be in fashion. With this fashion, she wants to attract everyone’s attention. People like this character but as an ugly girl.

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Gargamel – Ugly Cartoon Characters

As you can see in the photo. This cartoon character is wearing some strange patchy clothes. The name of this cartoon character is Gargamel. Its waist is slightly bent. Its teeth are also rotten. This cartoon character looks like it too. Its special thing is to be the best with the best. Gargamel can lure anyone for his own benefit. It can also steal.

The most special thing about Gargamel is that it is very cowardly. It runs away when anything goes wrong or on seeing any danger. According to us, this cartoon character fits in our title “Ugly Cartoon Characters“.

Sideshow Bob

It looks very ugly to watch this cartoon. This cartoon is displayed by The Simpsons. He is one of the ugliest cartoon characters in the animated television world. According to this Sideshow Bob character, he is shown as a member of the Republican Party. The Sideshow Bob cartoon has been shown to be a self-proclaimed genius.

Mr. Crocker

The full name of this cartoon character is Mr. Denzel Quincy Croker, short for Mr. Crocker is called. Mr. Crocker cartoon looks quite ugly in appearance. The nature of this cartoon is very interesting. It is considered the antagonist of the Nickelodeon cartoon series. Mr. Crocker character is very intelligent.

Mr. Crocker spends most of his time in magic. By magic Mr. Crocker works as a fairy catcher. These new tricks keep coming up. But its fate is so bad that till date it has not been able to catch any angel. It also deliberately spreads its students. By doing this, he gets a lot of happiness.

Olive Oyl

This cartoon character is very strange. His hair is a bit different. The eyes are wide and thick. The name of this funny cartoon character is Olive Oyl. Its brain runs at 0%. He is selfish, stupid as well as irritable. You must have seen this character before. This Cartoon is fit on our title “Ugly Cartoon Characters”.

Fleischer Studios created this cartoon. Very funny and ugly cartoon shows are made by Fleischer Studios. Olive Oyl is one of this cartoon.

Wile E. Coyote

The Wile E. Coyote cartoons are produced by Merrie Melodies and the Loney Tunes.

This cartoon character is very strange. Its name is Wile E. Coyote. Whether it is big or small, it drives everyone crazy by laughing. Wile E. Coyote is always shown running after food. We can call it a hungry cartoon. Perhaps you must have heard and seen Road Runner. That’s all, now you must have understood this Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

Ren & Stimpy

Ren & Stimpy is a very famous cartoon animated series on TV. Jonh Kricfalusi created Ren & Stimpy. Ren is emotional. While Stimpy is good-natured but slow-witted. Overall, both these cartoons explain the goofiness very well. That is why we have included both these cartoons in the Top Ugly Cartoon Characters list.

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Hebert the Pervert – Ugly Cartoon Characters

Hebert the Pervert cartoon is an elderly cartoon. Well, this is completely fictional. It fits in the Top Ugly Cartoon Characters list. Hebert is the character of the Pervert Family Guy TV animated show. Mike Henry made this.

Toot Braunstein

We have also ranked Toot Braunstein in the Top 15 Ugly Cartoon Characters. Toot Braunstein drinks alcohol. This cartoon harms itself. Toot Braunstein has no control in terms of food. When you watch the show, you will understand for yourself.

Toot Braunstein does not currently win. It lives in its imagination. Everyone looks lovely in this. Men like it very much. We would call Toot Braunstein a goofy character.


Friends, we sincerely hope that you must have enjoyed reading Top 15 Ugly Cartoon Characters article. You might not have even thought that you can get to read anything like this. If you liked the article, then definitely share it with your friends. Thank you


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