Summarslam : WWE summerslam 2022 is going to be very good and it will have a great match.  

But still there will not be very big superstars in WWE this time.  

These WWE Superstars took part in last year’ SummerSlam, so know who are these Superstars who will not participate in this year’s SummerSlam.

1 john cenna – John Will Not Be Able To Participate In Summerslam This Year As She I Busy Shooting For Pismkar 2 Movie.

2 Goldberg – Goldberg's contract with WWE has now expired and he has not signed any new contract

with WWE. Goldberg was injured in WWE last year.

3. Randyorton – Randyorton is currently injured due to which he will not be able to take part in summarslam this year

4- WWE Superstar charlotte flair - charlotte flair has been on break for a long time.

She was married some time ago, so she will stay on break for some time now.

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