What are keywords in SEO

What are keywords in SEO – Nowadays everyone wants to earn money online. That’s why he has made a blog through Blogger. But we want to tell that you should also know about Keyword for this. These keywords are very important for your blog.

Because of these keyboards, SEO is also set, due to which our website or blog starts ranking on Google and we become successful in earning money online. Today in this post we will know what is the keyword, what are the types of these keywords, how are they used. So let’s learn step by step.

What are Keywords ?

The first question that is cooked is that what is this keyword. Let us tell you that a keyword is a subject that tells your content. Now you must have been a little clear what is the keyword. In other words, we can say that this is the word that helps the user to find his search in Google Search Engine. It also does the same thing to give it a stick result. In this, while writing the blog post, we have to put in the time and meta description. This is only part of an SEO.

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Now it happens that whenever a user searches something in Google, Google Search Engine shows the user a page or post link of some website. This page or post is associated with some keyword of that user. As soon as the user clicks on this link, that post gets opened in front of him. By which he gets his result. If we want to show our post in front of the user then we have to use the keywords properly. This happens only as a result of SEO.

What are keywords
What are keywords

Why are keywords important For Us ?

This question is very thought provoking. Friends, if seen, the keyword is everything, followed by the content of that site. If you have chosen such a keyword, it is the most searched in Google, then traffic will definitely come to your site. For example, as we wrote in Google How to earn online money in India, then we have got this keyword, now we have to write our content on this keyword only. We have to use this keyword at least 5 – 6 times while writing our post. So that Google can understand what our content is about.

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How many types of keywords are there in SEO ?

1. Generic keywords

This is a simple keyword that tells about its business to the user as well as Google, for example, if we understand that as we are making a blog about mobile, then our common keyword is mobile.

2. Broad Match Keywords

This type of keywords can also be called core of CO. These keywords are in some detail. Like understand from the above example that mobile was a common keyword if we add something with this mobile like Oppo y20 Mobile then this keyword is broad match keyword.

3. Long Tail Keywords

Friends, if you talk to me, I like to work on similar keywords. The length of this type of keyword is 5 words or more. These keywords can be the best to bring traffic to your blog. For example, if oppo y53 price in india 2021 uses such a keyword, then this keyword will be called long tail keyword.

How do you use keywords in your blog post ?

This question also becomes important for every blogger. We should also come to use the keyboard. If it comes, then you can get your post a good rank in Google. So I am going to give you some tips which will help you –

1. Whenever you write a post, always write user friendly. Here user friendly means such content which is good to read, understand and also look good.
2. Use keywords well in writing the content. Do not even write so many keywords that Google puts it in spam.
3. Use the title properly Use keywords in the title.
4. Do not try to end your content in short, write in a little detail.
5. To use images in the content, you should use keywords in its Alt.
6. In the end, give an epilogue to your post, use keywords in that too.


By the end you must have understood what is keyword, what is the importance of keyword, how to use it in your blog post. We sincerely hope that keyword research and use will be of great help to you for your blog post. If you have any question or suggestion related to this article then you must comment.

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