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Best URL Shortener to Make Money Online

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In today’s world, who is like this, does not want to earn money. Now whether he has to earn or gets it from somewhere without earning, he just needs a lot of money so that he can fulfill his wishes. Earning money is difficult as well as easy in today’s time. The person who has brain, he earns a lot of money even after working a little.

On the other hand, a person who works very hard is not able to earn enough to meet his household expenses. Online is considered to be the best way to earn a lot of money by doing a little hard work.


Almost all the people of the present use the Internet. People worked on YouTube, Blogging from this internet and earned millions. But do you know that apart from these, there is such a simple way from where you can earn good money. Yes, such a method is URL Shortener. You must have heard the name of Bitly.

There are many other URL Shortener websites of the same type. But you will be surprised to hear that you can earn money by using these URL Shortener websites. Now how will this happen, for this you will have to read this article completely, you will get the answer.

What is URL Shortener ?

Before how to earn on URL Shortener, we have to understand what is URL Shortener. Internet is a web of websites. Each website has its own unique address of photo, text, video, webpage. Through this link you can access the webpage. Their links are also very big, which looks like spam to the viewer.

You can shorten such large URLs by visiting the URL Shortener website. You can share the shortened links, whoever clicks on these links will be redirected to your website. With this, you got two things done at once. First, the link of the article of the website got shortened, and secondly, by sharing it, money was also earned.

Make Money Online From URL Shortener

We have selected some such url shortener websites from which you can earn up to 1000 dollars in a day.


This is one of the most popular URL Shortener website. This is most popular. It is used all over the world. Share the URL by shortening it from this website, if someone clicks on that URL, then only 1000 views can be earned $ 12, then you only think how much the one who can bring views in millions can earn.

A minimum of $10 is required to receive payment from You can withdraw this money from PayPal, Payoneer and WebMoney etc.

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It is also very much liked in URL Shortener sites. Za.Gl site is also very reliable. You can earn good money by using this URL Shortener website. In this, you can also withdraw payment on the minimum amount of $ 0.50. Use Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer to withdraw the amount. URL Shortener is a great site. Its customer support is excellent. You can talk to customer care if you face any problem in using or in payment. In this, the payment system is also slightly different from other URL Shortener websites. It pays twice a month. If you have at least $ 5 in your account, you can take payment in PayPal. It is necessary to have 50 dollars to take payment in Payoneer.


It has been a long time since came into existence, so you can trust it. By sharing short links from site, you can earn up to $14 for 1000 views. Complete information can be seen on the dashboard. You can earn money by sharing with your friends. It gives up to 20% Referral commission. There should be at least 5 dollars to take payment from it. This payment can be received from Payoneer or PayPal.


ShrinkMe is the highest paying URL Shortener. It can pay up to $200 for just 0 thousand views. In this website you can also get $10000 on 10000 views. If you bring traffic from Ireland, then you get a CPM rate of $ 18. The same CPM rate of $ 14 is available for US-based traffic. For countries like UK and Australia, the CPM rate is $12 and $10. Payment can be received from Paypal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer if there is at least 5 dollars in it.


Shortzon is popular all over the world. Millions of people use it. It can pay up to $ 13 per 1000 views. $13 can be found on CPM US-based traffic lane. Only $ 1 CPM rate is available for bringing traffic from Philippines. You can get $3 CPM rate for bringing traffic from other countries. Shortzon.COM’s minimum payout is $5. Which can be taken from PayPal or bank transfer.

Best URL Shortener

WebsiteMinimum PayoutPayment Method$10Paypal, Webmoney, Payoneer$0.50Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Webmoney,
Bitcoin, Bank Transfer$5 Paypal, Payoneer$5 Paypal, Payoneer$5 Paypal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer$5Paypal, Bank Transfer

Bottom Line

Dear visitors, I have given you information about URL Shortener website in this article. We also told you about how to earn money from URL Shortener so that you do not need to search about it on Google. You will get complete information from this article of ours. If you have read it completely, then I hope that you would have liked this article very much. It has always been my endeavor to give you the answer to every question in the article. Despite this, if any question remains in your mind, then you can comment on us.

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