Google Sites :  Create Your Website in Few Minutes

In today’s world, it has become necessary for any business to have a website. , A website is the introduction of that business. You can give your website to your customers for more business information. All the products, contact information, social links, map etc. of the business are included on this website. It also costs a lot to build a website. That’s why small businesses cannot afford this much cost. In such a situation, these small businesses can turn to Google Site. This is Google’s only product, which is absolutely free.

Create Google Sites : Steps

  • First go to the official site There you will see (Start a new site) written blank. Have to click on that blank. After this, you have to write the title of your site.
  • We can design this home page that opens in Google Site as per our wish. In the right side you will see Insert, Page and Themes. Using the theme, you can make your site attractive.
  • After this you have to create Pages for your site. Use the New Page option to create a page. To create a site, we will mainly need four pages – Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About Us and Disclaimer. It is mandatory to have these four pages in every website.
  • Using the Insert option, you can add text, images, forms, sheets, charts, slides, maps and calendars to this website.
  • Using Embed other links can also be added to your site. There is also an option to add social media and YouTube links here. If you are a YouTube creator, then you can also give its link in your website.

Note – You can delete pages, images whenever you want. You can also remove all types of links given in the website. Theme can be changed anytime.

Google Sites Settings

Navigation – This option is used for the options visible on the top side of the site. Use this option to change the position and color of the navigation site.

Brand images – You can prepare a nice logo and put it in your website. This logo represents your brand. The favicon on the website is also linked to this.

Viewer Tool – In this, the settings of your site’s pages are set when updated.

Custom Domain – If you want to publish your site under the name of your business, then you will have to buy a custom domain. This domain can be purchased from Google, Godaddy, Hostinger etc. After purchasing the domain, it can be set in the custom domain option.

Analytics – This option gives information about the visitors you have on our site. You can enter your Analytics ID here using Google Analytics.

Announcement Banner – Through this option, you can put an image on all the pages of the Google site. Can be set in the link in this image.

Publish Your Google Site

Web Address – Finally you click on the publish button. A new option will open in which you will enter the web address of your site. This web address would be the site’s address on Google. You can search your site in Google by typing this web address.

Manage – Your site is managed with this option. Through the manage option, you can invite a new person to manage the site with a new Gmail ID.

Search settings – Do not use this option. If you used this option then your site will not rank in Google. Now the last option is to click on publish.

At Last

Friends, in this article you taught me how to create a Google site. It is absolutely free. So that you understand well, I have tried to explain step by step in detail. We are sure that you must have come to make a Google site. If you find our article useful then share it with your friends as well.

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