Surprised To Know Interesting Facts About Google

Google just the name is enough. Today Google is an important force in our life. It has become necessary to have Google Chrome in our smart phones, laptops and computers. Google Chrome is a web browser in which we can remove Google Search. Whatever query we want to know from Google search, Google tells us immediately. Overall, the answers to the questions that arise in our mind are definitely available with Google.

Google started in 1997. Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed Google Search. Today, Google has more than 1 billion active users all over the world. Google is the largest search engine in the world. March 2023 The market cap of Google (Alphabet) was $ 1.315 trillion. Accordingly, Google (Alphabet) is the fourth most valuable company in the world.

The initial name of Google was “Backrub”. Which was later changed to Google. Google is a misspelling of the word googol. The meaning of the word googol is a number in which one is followed by one hundred zeros. Almost people from all over the world have heard the name of Google. But do you know such things about Google which you have never heard before till date. Therefore, in today’s article, we will tell you some such interesting facts about Google.

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Google Facts

We will tell you some facts about Google that you will be surprised to know. So let’s know some such surprising Google interesting facts.

Backrub – The original name of Google

Everyone knows the name Google today but do you know the real name of Google, I say with guarantee, you do not know. The original name of Google was Backrub. But over time its name was changed.

Google Homepage in Different Languages

Google gradually became so famous that it was made for every language. Because Google is used all over the world. Many languages ​​can be used in Google. You can translate from one language to another using Google Translate so that it can be understood easily. This is also a big reason for Google’s popularity.


You must have also heard the name of Google/Doodle. It was first launched in 1998. You often see Doodle on the home page of Google. Whenever there is a festival or a special occasion, the design of the Google logo is changed.

Google Mirror – Elgoog

We also know Google’s mirror site by the name Elgoog. Text appears in reverse in Elgoog as if seen in a mirror. That is, the work is like the name.

Largest Index For Websites

Google has the most powerful ability to index the website. This is the biggest index in the world. You will be surprised that even after having so many web pages, it searches any information in a fraction of a second and presents it in front of you.

Processing Speed

When Google started, its processing speed was only 30-50 pages. Means Google was able to process only 30-50 pages every second. But currently Google processes millions of pages every second.

Other Interesting Facts About Google

  1. Can you tell how much money Google earns per day. You will be surprised to hear 5 billion every day.
  2. There are so many active users on Google that there are more than 20 thousand searches per minute.
  3. Do you know what was the first tweet of Google? I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01101001 What are you thinking now? This is a binary language whose English meaning is – I Am Feeling Lucky.
  4. If you search the line “I Want To Commit Suicide” on Google, then you will see the Helpline Number of your country.
  5. When you search Google by typing the name Askew, you see the Google page a bit crooked. You can check it immediately.
  6. You must be using Gmail, but let me tell you that the idea of ​​Gmail was also given to Google by an Indian.
  7. In the head office of Google, machines are not used to cut the grass, instead a goat is kept which eats that grass. The use of the machine can cause problems to the employees working in the office.
  8. People are so excited to work in Google that every week more than 20 thousand applications come.
  9. A camel has been put to work for making Street View in the desert.
  10. On the death of an employee working in Google, his family members (husband or wife) get 50 percent of the salary of that employee for 10 years.

Bottom Line

Dear friends, how did you feel after reading about Google Facts, I sincerely hope that you did not have such information about Google before. Now you tell me by commenting that which of these facts did you like the most. Don’t forget to share the post.

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