How to Earn Money From Facebook

With the expansion of the Internet, many types of social marketing websites also came into existence. These social marketing websites include big sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter etc. Facebook is the most used social site in the world. It currently has about 2.9 billion active users.

You are also one of them, even our acquaintances and friends are all on this Facebook. Now there is probably no need to tell you what this platform can do. But you will be surprised to hear one thing. Do you know that money can also be earned from Facebook. Yes, you can earn huge amount from Facebook sitting at home. Now you will have only one question, How to Earn Money From Facebook, just to answer this, we are writing this article today.

What is Facebook ?

This is a very big social site. It is the parent company of meta. Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in February 2004. After which the stature of Facebook went on increasing. Today it is one of the biggest social media sites. We can create an account on Facebook for free. After which you can connect online with people from any corner of the world. Because millions of people around the world have created an account with Facebook.

Earn Money From Facebook

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, its data is also there, so there are many apps for entertainment. He passes his time by using these apps. Do you know that you can earn money from Facebook as well. You were also surprised to hear about earning money from Facebook. Because you people would not have done anything other than just chatting and sharing from Facebook. That’s why it is natural for you to be surprised.

But it is true that people are earning lakhs of rupees sitting at home by using Facebook. Don’t be surprised, you can also earn, for this you will not need any investment. You already have a smart phone and data, you also have a Facebook account, what do you need now? I will tell you that method.

Let us tell you how you will earn money from Facebook.

1. Affiliate Marketing (By selling products)

You must have heard the name of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means that you can sell the products of big companies and get commission on them. There are many big companies in the online market like Amazon, Click Bank,,, join their affiliate program, then share the affiliate link of the products of these companies on your Facebook account, page, groups. If any person buys a product through this link, then you get a good commission for it.

2. By Promoting Websites

People who spend more time on Facebook have big Facebook groups and Facebook pages. If you also have big Facebook pages and groups like this, then you can also earn money from them. For this, you just have to do a small work, after talking to the website owner, you have to share their website in your Facebook page or group, in return you can charge money from them. By using this method many people are earning good money today.

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3. By Selling Facebook Page & Group

Yes, you heard it right, if you have a Facebook page in which the number of followers is 10,000 or in millions, then you can also sell your Facebook page. You can ask for good money in exchange for this Facebook page. To sell or buy these Facebook pages or groups, you can use only Facebook groups because there are many such Facebook groups.In which this work is done. Only these types of people join these groups who do the work of buying or selling Facebook pages or groups.

Apart from this, you can monetize your Facebook page with Facebook so that Facebook can give ads on the page and you can earn money from it.

4. Sell Your Facebook Account

To earn money, this is also going on in trend, people create their Facebook account and sell it. In return for which they ask for a huge amount and it is not that people do not give them a huge amount, they absolutely do, the only condition is that your Facebook account should be very old. The older your Facebook account is, the more money you will get in return.

5. By Joining PPD Program

PPD is a good way to earn for those who have good followers in Facebook pages and Facebook groups. PPD stands for Pay Per Download. If your work will only be that whatever content or App is given to you, you put it in your Facebook page or group, after that you will get money according to the number of followers of your Facebook page or groups who will download it. That is, the more followers, the more downloads, the more earnings

6. By Joining PPV Program

Like Pay Per Download (PPD), you can use Pay Per View (PPV) to earn. There is not much difference between these two methods. In PPD you have to download but in PPV you have to show the content to the viewer, just as many viewers will see the content of the site, you will get the same amount of money. Overall, according to the number of followers our Facebook page will have, we will be able to earn money from it. In simple words, we can also call it sending traffic to the website.

At Last

I sincerely hope that you would have liked this article of mine How to Earn Money From Facebook, if so, then share this article with your friends and relatives so that they also do not use Facebook only for time pass. Earn good money through this Facebook.

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