How to Start A blog For Online Earn Money

Nowadays everyone wants to earn money online. In the online world, a huge amount can be earned in no time. If you want to earn money from mobile or internet then this post will be most helpful for you. If you know that you can easily earn money by creating a website from a blog. This is the world’s best invention, internet and blog which you can easily earn money sitting at home and this is the most popular thing in the world.

If we need any kind of information or want to solve any kind of problem, then we search on Google without thinking, then we can easily solve our information or problem. We can also say that everyone’s solution is found on Google.

Have you ever thought that what you search, where does it come from, does Google itself write it, it is not like that, they all give different websites or blogs. Google’s job is only to store their blog and show more search results.

So today we know how to make a blog side.

What is a Blog ?

How to make your first blog Before we know what a blog is after all, a blog is a type of website that keeps on updating its content continuously. Blogs are regularly written by one or more people, which contain letters, pictures, videos, etc.

Blogs are a great way to promote yourself, a product or service, or a business. Blogs can serve as a great online resume for job seekers and influence others.

If you want to do any kind of work, then you can show your online blog, which the next person knows about you.


Blogging is the process of publishing new posts by a blogger on a blog. Blogging is very easy, you must be thinking that you do not know how to make a website or blog, if you do not know how to do coding or programming, then you can become a blogger, then your thinking is absolutely wrong. There are platforms available in the internet world where you do not need coding and programming, without this you can start a blog.


It is the world’s most powerful user-friendly “free website building tool (CMS)” through which you can create great blogs and websites without any technical knowledge.

You can get an idea of ​​the popularity of WordPress from the fact that there are 70 lakh (27% of the internet) blogs/websites on the Internet that have been created using WordPress.


There is such an online platform on which you can do short blogging. In this App, you can also use V, etc. along with your blog.

This App is for those children or elders who are very fond of Blogging or they like to write everyday.

With the help of the App, you can customize your page in any way you wish. Or can make your posts attractive. how to make a blog on google

Before creating a blog, we want to tell you that the process of blogging is the same, whether you do Hindi blogging or English blogging. Although there are many types of blogs on which you can earn a lot of money.

But to earn a good amount of money, you should also know one thing correctly that how to make a successful blog that earns money, so if you read this article till the end, then you too will make your money earning successful blog.

Before we provide you detailed information about the process of creating a blog. You should know about the important things related to the process of making a blog mentioned ahead. From this you will also know what are the most needed things to make a blog.

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1. Blog Niche:

Before making a successful blog, you must choose the right Blog Niche. If you do not know what Blogging Niche is, then read this.

If I explain Blogging Niche in simple words, then to create a blog, first of all you have to choose a Niche for your blog.

Blog below means any topic on which you are going to make your entire blog. And are about to write an article related to that. Now understand carefully that we make blogs for audience and users ?

2. Domain Name:

To create a blog website, one of the most important things you have to have is a domain name, which gives your blog website a different identity in the Internet world.

Maybe many of you will not be aware of what a domain is? If I explain the domain name in simple words, then there is a unique address through which a person can visit your blog.

3. Web Hosting:

For your information, let us tell you that no blog can be created without web hosting and that is why choosing a good hosting is the third most important step in creating a blog.

4. CMS (Blogging Platform)

The fourth most important step of how to create a Blog is to choose the right platform for blogging, which we also call content management system software.

5. Plugins Install :

When you create a professional blog on WordPress, then you must install the necessary plugins in it. Because it works to increase the performance of your blog.

Below is the list of essential plugins for Professional Blog, which you must install in your WordPress blog.

  1. Rank Math
  2. All In One Seo
  3. Monsterinsights
  4. Updraftplus
  5. Wp Rocket
  6. Google Site Kit
  7. Contact Form 7
  8. Monsterinsights
  9. Woocommerce
  10. Insert Header And Footer

6. Create Pages for Blog:

After setting up WordPress Blog and uploading the theme, now you have to create pages for your blog and publish it. Your audience can contact you with the help of important pages like about us and contact us.

There are some important pages for every blog, from which you must make; So that you do not have to face any kind of problem while taking approval of Google Adsense.

7.Write Post for Blog:

You all know that the main job of a blog is to write and publish the content on it. So now your next step should be to write good quality blog posts for your blog. For this, you should know very well about Content Writing.

8. Add Blog to Google Search Console:

After creating a blog, after publishing its complete setting, pages and some posts, now you have to register your blog in google search console. So that Google can start showing your blog in search result

9. Create a Sitemap for Blog and submit it to Google Search Console:

In this step of how to create a blog, now you have to create a sitemap of your blog and submit it to google search console.

10. Connect Blog to Google Analytics:

Google analytics is required to get information about the traffic coming to our website or blog. For this, you have to go to google analytics and find the information of the site, after that the tag of google analytics has to be connected with the site. It is very easy to insert the tag in the site, you have to go to the theme of the site, there the header tag will appear, paste the tag of google analytics just below it. Apart from this, if you are using the Insert Header And Footer plugin, then your work will be much easier.

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