What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and what are its uses ?

Ever since the computer era started, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is developing rapidly. After the arrival of AI, humans have become more dependent on them, they use them to do all their work. AI is perfect in thinking and understanding just like it and is also capable of taking decisions.

This has led to an exponential growth of their dependency. Humans have increased the efficiency of these machines to a great extent, such as their speed, their size, their ability to work, etc. In this artificial means “made by man” and intelligence means “power to think”.

Therefore, its full meaning is man-made power of thinking.The main objective of AI is to make intelligent machines all over the world. To make human life more easy and simple.

If you call AI your language, it means artificial intelligence, that is, a human-made machine that is capable of thinking, understanding and remembering like a human being.

John McCarthy is said to be the father of AI (Artificial intelligence). According to John McCarthy, “It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.”

Algorith Today, if humans have made so much development in the field of technology, then our human brain has the biggest hand in it. On the strength of this intelligence, humans have made many inventions and it is not a matter of saying that every invention has given a new direction to the life of humans. When computers were made, no one had even thought that we would be able to use something like a smartphone in the future.

But today it is not only a part of our life but also helps a lot in any of our work. In the last few years, to take technology to a different level, some computer science scientists had put the AI ​​concept in front of the world. Its basic purpose was to create such computer software that can solve a problem by thinking like humans.

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Example of AI

  • facial recognition and recognition
  • chatbots
  • digital assistant
  • e-payment
  • text editor
  • Maps & Navigation

Types of AI

There are many types of AI which are as follows Reactive Machines

  • Limited Memory
  • Theory Of Mind
  • Self Awareness
  • Weak Or Narrow Ai
  • Artificial General Intelligence (Agi)
  • Artificial Super Intelligence (Asi)

Reactive Machines

  • RM Is The Easiest Type Of Artificial Intelligence, It Works To Complete The Basic Tasks Of Computer Or Machine.
  • It Works According To The User, Hence It Is Called Reactive Machine.
  • RM Does Not Store Any Type Of Data Or Memory
  • RM Only Focuses On The Work Of The Currently Running Activity
  • Because RAM Machines Do Not Store Data And Memory, So It Cannot Be Used For Future Work.
  • RM Is Best Eg Google

Limited Memory

  • Limited memory This is a type of AI. which is collected from our old times
  • It has the ability to predict the future with the help of our past data
  • With the help of lm, the future can be predicted, but this prediction cannot be done accurately because it is done on the basis of old data.
  • Limited memory is used in self-driving cars, such as Telsa, these cars automatically determine the speed, they maintain the distance similar to the speed of the car that has passed, as if you have told that the best example of this is Telsa.

Theory Of Mind

  • The Theory Of Mind Is Also A Type Of Aaya And Not Only Can It Understand Human Nature But It Can Also Talk Like Humans.
  • If Understood In The True Sense, Then By The Principle Of The Brain, It Can Understand The Thoughts Of Humans And Talk To Them, The Way Humans Talk To Each Other, Through This Humans Can Talk To Computers. But Here The Technology Is Not Fully Developed Yet, Research Is Still Going On.

Self Aware AI

  • The future of AI seems to be self-aware AI. It will have a mind of its own and will be more intelligent than the existing AI here, it will have feelings of its own.
  • The brain of this AI will be much more than that of a human.
  • In the future, with the help of this self-aware AI, digital computers will become more developed and intelligent and the machines of that time will become self-aware, they themselves will be able to decide what is right and what is wrong. Currently this AI is not available. This is an imagination of the coming future which will definitely come true one day.

Weak or Narrow AI

  • It is also called Artificial Narrow Intelligence.
  • This AI can only be used to accomplish a specific task. It cannot do any work other than its equality, that is why it is called weak or narrow AI.
  • It cannot behave like weak narrow humans, but it can understand the words and behavior of humans based on its parameters and contacts.
  • This AI does not have the ability to store data. It uses Natural Language (NLP) in its work.
  • An example of this is IBM’s Watson supercomputer.

Artificial General Intelligence

  • It is also called a strong AI. It is a general intelligence technique that can solve various problems in its own way.
  • It is a technology that can behave like humans, and it can also behave like our society.
  • AGI is such a technology that can easily complete any task. It also has a meaning here that AGI technology can do the work that humans can do and can do it more quickly.

Artificial Super Intelligent

  • Asi Will Be Such Intelligence That Will Make Machines More Intelligent Than Humans And They Will Be Able To Finish Any Work More Easily And Faster Than Humans.
  • It Will Have Many Characteristics Like – It Is Done In Thinking, Learning, Understanding Etc.
  • Asi Is A Fictional Ai Which Is Not Available At The Present Time. But In The Coming Time Asi Technology Can Be Seen.

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