World’s Largest Pizza | Never Seen Before Pizza Records

As of today, January 22, 2024, the title of “biggest pizza in the world” belongs to a colossal creation made by YouTuber Airrack in collaboration with Pizza Hut! This impressive pizza was officially recognized by Guinness World Records and boasts some mind-blowing stats:

World's Largest Pizza Never Seen Before Pizza Records
World’s Largest Pizza Never Seen Before Pizza Records
  • Diameter: 132.5 feet (40.4 meters)
  • Area: 13,957.77 square feet (1,296.72 square meters)
  • Ingredients:
  • 6,193 kilograms (13,653 pounds) of dough
  • 2,244 kilograms (4,948 pounds) of sweet marinara sauce
  • 3,992 kilograms (8,800 pounds) of cheese
  • Roughly 630,496 pepperoni slices

It took three days of preparation and a specially designed oven to cook this pizza behemoth. It was a major feat of engineering and culinary creativity, attracting significant attention and breaking the previous record held by a 131-foot pizza made in Los Angeles in 2012.

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Some Other Notable Pizza Records:

Largest Margherita Pizza:

The largest Margherita pizza was made in 2016 in Fiera Roma, Italy. It measured 1261.65 square meters (13,580.28 square feet), breaking the previous record.

Longest Pizza:

The longest pizza ever recorded was made in Fontana, California, in 2017. It stretched over 1.3 miles (about 2.13 kilometers).

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Most Expensive Pizza:

The most expensive pizza was made by Renato Viola in Salerno, Italy, in 2018. The pizza, named “Louis XIII,” cost $12,000 and featured a variety of premium and rare ingredients.

Fastest Time to Make a Pizza:

The fastest time to make a pizza is under 27 seconds. This record was set by a team of chefs in Naples, Italy, in 2016.

Largest Collection of Pizza Boxes:

The largest collection of pizza boxes is over 1,000 and was achieved by Scott Wiener in 2013. Wiener is a pizza enthusiast and author who has been collecting pizza boxes from around the world.

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