How Find Your Location ? What is My LIVE Location

Do you know that you can find your live location. Yes, there are many ways on the internet with the help of which you can check your location, you may have also checked your live location. If you do not know how to check live location, then this article of ours is going to be important for you.

How to Find Location ?

Those people who do not know about it at all, let us tell them that there are many ways to know the live location, we have explained these methods in detail below.

Google Map

Google Map is a service of Google itself. Google Map is already installed in our smart phones. You might have used it too. Google Map is required to locate the location. Through this, an exact location is known, for example, if we are traveling from one place to another and that place is completely unknown, then what will you do.In such a situation, you can get familiar with that place by using Google Map. You can go wherever you want, search for places to eat, drink and stay. There is no need to ask anyone else.

To use Google Map, you can use Google Map App of your mobile or you can also go to its website. Where you have to enter the names of the places you want to go and from where you want to go, Google Map will automatically do the process after that. The best thing is that Google Map tells the situation around you.

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The world’s most used App Whatsapp must be installed in your smart phone. You can also check your live location through this Whatsapp and can also share it with other people.

The world’s most used App Whatsapp must be installed in your smart phone. You can also check your live location through this Whatsapp and can also share it with other people. If you do not know how to remove live location from Whatsapp, then we will tell you-

  • You have to follow some steps to know the live location.
  • Turn on the location option of your smart phone.
  • Select the chat done by the person to whom you want to share your location.
  • After that you will see the attachment icon at the bottom.
  • After clicking on this attachment icon, you will see the location option, on clicking which your live location will be shared to the next person.

Live Location App

This app is also good for knowing live location. In this, the live location is known with just one tap. For this, first you have to install Live Location App, while installing you have to give your name, email Id and mobile number. The permission that this app asks from you, that permission has to be given to it. Remember to keep the location of your mobile on. You will not be able to use any app if the mobile location option is off. Along with location in Live Location App, facilities like Live Weather, Number Locator, Find Address and GPS Time are also available.

My Location

If seen, My Location App is also very good. This App gives you accurate and complete information about your location. You can also see that place with the help of the map. Keeps tracing your location throughout the day. With which you can also check back. You can also save some special locations so that you do not have to find them again.

GPS Location Finder

This App is more than the current Apps. With My Location App, you can also trace the location of yourself and your family members. For this you have to turn on GPS in your mobile. Now install this My Location App in your mobile. There is also a facility to create groups in this app, with the help of which you can add your family members so that the location of each family member will be shared with everyone.

Bottom Line

It has become possible only after the advent of internet that we have got such apps, with the help of which we can know our location. There are many such apps on Google Play Store which gives you this type of facility. But have you ever wondered what people used to do before the advent of these apps. We tell that the people who had to go from one place to another, used to ask people for the way to go to such unknown places, that is, those people used to be the map for them. who had to be trusted.

If you did not know before that you can also see your live location, then we have full hope that after reading this article you must have learned it. If you have liked the article, if you have benefited from it, then do share it.

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